Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Silly Times

Shaela is so funny, We went to the dollar tree and Shaela dressed her self with fun. She had on 2 purses, a hat 2 babies, a Shaw and a baton in her hand. She walked around that store like she was the Queen!
She ca be very scary too! She had to try the pumpkin mask on Too

Shaela found this little wolf that had red paint on his mouth. She kept saying "dog hurt, need band-aid" and she had a ban-aid in her hand. It was why too big and wrapped all around the whole head, but it was cute.
Just a cute smile, I love this shirt on her.
She fell a sleep on the couch and this is the way I found her.
And this is the way I found her in the kitchen.
This was my baby doll bed set when I was little and Shaela loves it. She was pretending to be a sleep.
Bad hair day, Very bad!!!!
She loves to put bowls on her head, even when it has food in it. Lucky for me this time it didn't have food in it.
We went out for ice cream and Isaiah ate his and then helped me finish mine. He loved the little cone he made.
The two boys making silly faces
This thing was in my house I had to hit it with the broom 5 times to kill it. It was huge!
Brotherly love. If only it could be this sweet all the time!!!
Shaela again being silly
My mom bought her some gloves and a coat. I tried them on one night and she would not take them off. She just walked a round the house all cozy and warm!
Kandrick taped the boys up one day and they thought it was the funniest thing.
Isaiah is obsessed with birthdays right now and so he hung Duanavan's stuffed animals on his bed and said it was for his birthday party (which is in May). He was so proud. Shaela helped too!

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Valerie said...

I love love love all these pictures. I really need to clear my schedule so we can have more moments like these. They are the ones that matter most! Love it!