Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warming up with Hot Chocolate

Duanavan with his busted up face from sledding. He was so cold but didn't want a shirt on.

Elijah couldn't get enough. He kept asking everyone if they were going to finish there's

He had to blow bubbles in his Hot Choc

I love this Picture

Snow Storm

Two things Isaiah loves about the Snow: Icicles, and building a snowman!

Oh and Sledding

I love the look on Duanavan's face, He's so happy he's beating Elijah.

Sledding like a Pro!
Isaiah found a worm in the water and had to save it. But I'm not sure if it lived or not because after he pulled it out of the water he smooched it into the snow. I'm not sure what happen to it.

My little snow angels! Yea right!

Duanavan and his missing two front teeth!

I can't believe how much snow we got.

He finally gets his Snow man and all he wanted to do with it was chop it up with his plastic knife. The two other boys did not like that'

Enjoying Daddy

Fun Times

Duanavan wanted to get Shaela dressed for church on Sunday, this is the wonderful outfit he picked out. (at least he matched the browns) He even put make up on her and did her hair! He's so funny. Lucky for me she got all messy before church so I had to change her!

Shaela is always playing house with anything she has two of. This time she had her two fingers. So I drew little faces on them and she loved it. This was mommy and daddy kissing. She has such an imagination

Shaela loves watching T.V with Kandrick. If he is laying down then this is the way you will always find her!

Isaiah got this strawberry and started laughing so hard, he came to me and said "look mom it has a butt!"

My kids love yarn. This time they just tied everyone together

Shaela was quiet and not in sight so I went to find her and found her in my bathroom painting her nails. She said "look mom it's pretty"

Duanavan's 1st year wrestling

Shaela waiting 3-4 hours while her brother wrestles

Duanavan does really good at his tournaments. He loves wrestling, but can't wait for football to start again. Wrestling is such an intense sport. I have never had such an emotional rollercoaster like I do at wrestling tournaments. You see boys cring all the time because they lose. But they feel such accomplishment when they win. It's crazy but I LOVE going to wrestling meets.

Mt Vernon

We took a field trip to Mt Vernon (George Washington's house)

We got to see his false teeth. Man were they different back then.

Front of his house

Inside one of the museum's
It was such a cold day and a good portion of it is outside. We learned a lot about our 1st President. He seemed to be such a humble , smart man. I would have loved to have met him.

10 years

Kandrick and I just celebrated our 10 year Anniversary on Feb. 28. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. On Valentine's Day Kandrick made a great dinner for us when he got off of work at 11pm. He is the best.