Monday, November 10, 2008

My Mom's visit

My kids love when they get to see grandma. They love and miss her so much.
We went on a walk/bike ride, when all of a sudden These huge dark clouds came and it started to poor down on us. Isaiah was so cold on the run home that Grandma gave him her coat.
This is Isaiah's birthday party. Grandma Anita, Grandma K, and My mom were all able to make it.
My mom and I were finally able to visit the D.C Temple. We always want to go when she comes it just never happens.
But when we got there we realized that the Temple was closed for the Women's Conference. So we went through the Visitor's Center instead and walked the grounds of the Temple. Dark clouds came again and we ran in the rain back to the car!
I loved spending this time with my mom!
We went to the bounce house for a birthday party and we all had fun.
And of course watched Movies
Shaela being silly
We had a chance to go to a home-schooling event in Colonial Williamsburg. We a lot of fun and learned a lot.

That's Isaiah's new thing, Thumbs up.
Grandma had fun and so did the kids.

Peek A Boo! Shaela loves her grandma
And sleeps like her Too! I can't wait for my mom to visit again, I love when she comes, She also Helped get my garage cleaned out. Gotta love that! Love you Mom!

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