Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Back

Okay so I have not posted in about 4 months so here is a lot of new posts. There was so much more that I could post from July and August but I have already been up for 3 hours just doing these one's, so I am going to bed. I just realized it is 2am. Hopefully I can keep up now.


Shaela was a bumblebee, Isaiah was The Hulk, Duanavan was something he made up, and Elijah was a Ninja. I love Shaela's boots. All the kids looked very cute.
Isaiah digging in his candy bag
We went to the boy's first Halloween party and they had a blast. I made these cupcakes.
These are the one's Duanavan Decorated. He had fun.

We were out tick or treating and Shaela stopped to say hi to the little man. Well when she was done she turned around to go up the stairs and she tripped on the stairs. She turned and looked at the little man and just cried. The look on her face was like she thought the little guy pushed her. She was terrified after that.
I found these big glow sticks for the kids this year. They loved them. I found swords for the boys and a yellow wand for Shaela. And then I found miniature ones that I put in Shaelas hair and around the boys necks. It was way cute.

Steve and Lisa were able to come to our ward Halloween party. The kids had a lot of fun.

A bee for a Bee

Field Trips

I love Homeschooling my kids. This is our first year and I am defiantly learning how to teach my kids and they are still learning how to learn from me. Every day is different and I still have so much to learn and get better at. But these are just a couple of Field trips we have gone on.
We just recently went to the African art museum and the Asian art museum. The boys couldn't understand why all the African art had Naked people on almost All of them. I tried explaining but I'm not sure if any of it got through to them.

This was our trip to Henricus. It is all about the life of the native Americans and some of the first settlers in Virginia.
Native American Hut
This is some of the kids in our Science and History Co-ops
Learning all about "Green Gold"
Learning all the different trades that the settlers had. And how they built their homes.
Army gear
Settlers Home
This is the way the native Americans crushed their dried corn
and carved out their canoes
Shaela just being cute

Time out for women

I was able to go to Time out for Women this year with Kim, her sister Tara, Lizette, and Lynda. It was in Philly. We had so much fun. This was my first time being away from all my kids for a night sense Elijah was 2 years. We went up on Friday and came home Saturday night.
For lunch we went to this big food mall thing it was packed.
Tara, Me, Kim
I tried my first ever Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. The place I got it from was on the Al Rocker show for the best Philly Cheese Steak. It was good but not what I thought it would be.
Hillery Weeks and I. I love her music.
On Saturday after the conference we went sight seeing. I love being with Kim, and Tara they crack me up.

Kim is so funny.

Liberty Bell


The kids love the After Game snack. The two little ones are always dirtier then the boys who play football!
Duanavan is the one in the gray jersey. He lost his game jersey so he had to wear his practice one. Duanavan's team made it to the finals but didn't win. But he is ready for next year. He really loves football
Elijah is number 27 in blue. He had a lot of fun , this is his 2ND year playing and has decided he just wants to do year round basketball next year. He did great
You can't see him very well but the black guy in the back is a professional Football player from the Redskins. I think his name is Stephen Something. One of the parents got him to come visit with the kids and sign footballs for them. It was funny cause my boys were all excited and couldn't wait to tell there friends about it, but when I asked them what his name was they couldn't tell me. They had no clue who he was.

Little sister supporting the SYA Wildcats!!!!!

Silly Times

Shaela is so funny, We went to the dollar tree and Shaela dressed her self with fun. She had on 2 purses, a hat 2 babies, a Shaw and a baton in her hand. She walked around that store like she was the Queen!
She ca be very scary too! She had to try the pumpkin mask on Too

Shaela found this little wolf that had red paint on his mouth. She kept saying "dog hurt, need band-aid" and she had a ban-aid in her hand. It was why too big and wrapped all around the whole head, but it was cute.
Just a cute smile, I love this shirt on her.
She fell a sleep on the couch and this is the way I found her.
And this is the way I found her in the kitchen.
This was my baby doll bed set when I was little and Shaela loves it. She was pretending to be a sleep.
Bad hair day, Very bad!!!!
She loves to put bowls on her head, even when it has food in it. Lucky for me this time it didn't have food in it.
We went out for ice cream and Isaiah ate his and then helped me finish mine. He loved the little cone he made.
The two boys making silly faces
This thing was in my house I had to hit it with the broom 5 times to kill it. It was huge!
Brotherly love. If only it could be this sweet all the time!!!
Shaela again being silly
My mom bought her some gloves and a coat. I tried them on one night and she would not take them off. She just walked a round the house all cozy and warm!
Kandrick taped the boys up one day and they thought it was the funniest thing.
Isaiah is obsessed with birthdays right now and so he hung Duanavan's stuffed animals on his bed and said it was for his birthday party (which is in May). He was so proud. Shaela helped too!