Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Shaela was a bumblebee, Isaiah was The Hulk, Duanavan was something he made up, and Elijah was a Ninja. I love Shaela's boots. All the kids looked very cute.
Isaiah digging in his candy bag
We went to the boy's first Halloween party and they had a blast. I made these cupcakes.
These are the one's Duanavan Decorated. He had fun.

We were out tick or treating and Shaela stopped to say hi to the little man. Well when she was done she turned around to go up the stairs and she tripped on the stairs. She turned and looked at the little man and just cried. The look on her face was like she thought the little guy pushed her. She was terrified after that.
I found these big glow sticks for the kids this year. They loved them. I found swords for the boys and a yellow wand for Shaela. And then I found miniature ones that I put in Shaelas hair and around the boys necks. It was way cute.

Steve and Lisa were able to come to our ward Halloween party. The kids had a lot of fun.

A bee for a Bee

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Valerie said...

Love the halloween costumes. Duanavan's cracked me up! I love the big glow sticks. Do they work only one time?