Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The kids love the After Game snack. The two little ones are always dirtier then the boys who play football!
Duanavan is the one in the gray jersey. He lost his game jersey so he had to wear his practice one. Duanavan's team made it to the finals but didn't win. But he is ready for next year. He really loves football
Elijah is number 27 in blue. He had a lot of fun , this is his 2ND year playing and has decided he just wants to do year round basketball next year. He did great
You can't see him very well but the black guy in the back is a professional Football player from the Redskins. I think his name is Stephen Something. One of the parents got him to come visit with the kids and sign footballs for them. It was funny cause my boys were all excited and couldn't wait to tell there friends about it, but when I asked them what his name was they couldn't tell me. They had no clue who he was.

Little sister supporting the SYA Wildcats!!!!!

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Valerie said...

Football looks like fun! Nolan is too sensitive for it! We stick to soccer!