Monday, April 28, 2008

Isaiah surprises Me!

Okay, so I have been in a really bad mood lately, and it seems like all Isaiah wants to eat lately is "Egg in a Whole" which is bread with a hole cut out of it with an egg in the middle. But he wants this every day 3 times a day. And he wants it with out the bread. (so basically he wants a fried egg) So I was in one of my bad moods and he starts whining saying he wants one. So I say with all my frustration "Fine, But you make it! I'm not doing it!" So He just shrugged his shoulders and said " Okay" So he gets the egg, cracks it, puts it in the pan and then grabs the spatula. Then Duanavan walks in the kitchen and Isaiah says, " Duanavan will you turn on the stove please?" So Duanavan turns on the stove and asked Isaiah if he could help stir them. So they finished the eggs together. Isaiah new when they were done and got his plate out and dished them up all be himself. Duanavan makes eggs all the time but I didn't know Isaiah could do it too. He is growing up very fast!


Isaiah and I were out side mowing the lawn and he wanted me to dig for worms . He was scared to hold them at first because one Pooed on Elijah before. Anyway, he ended up having a blast with the 4 that I found.. He would put them on the napkin and when they would start to wiggle off, he would shake them back in the middle. He had so much fun.

Rain, Thunder, And Lightning storm

We had a big storm come through so the boys had to go play in it. They started with the towels and ended with just being soaked. When it calmed down and was just sprinkling, Shaela had to be brave too and went out in the Rain too. Isaiah was not going out though!

Potty Training Time

So I am finally potty training Shaela. She will be 2 in July so I figured that she hated me putting diapers on her and fought me almost every time, I might as well start. After the first day of trying to pee standing up like her brothers do, She's doing pretty good . She usually has about 2 accidents a day. I just love her butt in Panties. So today she had just gotten out of the shower and was on the bed with Kandrick, when she started to hold her legs together and said "Pee Daddy Pee". Kandrick was so happy.

Great Wolf lodge

So this was one crazy Bunch. I think the Hotel staff were glad to see us go. LOL This was a really fun trip. Braeden and Isaiah loved the wave pool and Hot tub. I have more pictures of everyone but I'm just waiting for Valerie to make me a cd of them. (Hint hint Valerie)

So Paul comes and showes us this massive Eye brow hair, It had to of been at least an inch long. It was just poking strait out. So Valerie did the honors of pulling it out.

Terrence wins the Jackpot 1000 tickets!!!!
When we went back to wolf lodge everyone learned some new tricks. Even Isaiah and I tried it out.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family time

My mom and sister (Valerie ) and her family are in town. We have been having alot of fun together. It is very Crazy with 5 adults, and 7 kids in my Town house but it is definantly fun and I know all the kids had a blast.

We have gone to the Air and space museum, Natural History Museum, Hershey Park, All the monuments in DC, The White house, Great wolf lodge, Lots and lots of Shopping for Valerie because in Germany there is no shopping . And we can't forget all the Wii time for the Kids.

So on to some explanatian for the pictures. Duanavan and Zoie made an experiment with some nastiness in the kitchen, it smelled really bad and had lots of clumps in it. So Valerie said she would pay anyone $20 to take one bite. Of coarse Duanavan said sure I'll do it. Well he put it in his mouth gargled it, swished it around and then went to swallow it, it didn't go very far. He lost, but it was very funny. In the picture of Shaela, she was eating chips with grandma and then she started hiding behind the chips. She cracks me up.

Late Easter pictures

Isaiah loved the Easter bunny. He was all smiles. Shaela on the other hand liked him untill I started to walk towards him and then she wanted nothing to do with him, and just screamed. It was pretty cold this Easter so we quickly took one picture and then headed off to church. I'm hoping to take more soon.