Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just hangin out

These two love to hide in the pillows.
Afro kids with a cat in their Jammies

The boys had a blast rolling down the hill and sliding down the stair rails at the Draper Temple

I love the views here in Utah

Brotherly love at the Draper Temple. I love the Draper Temple

I love that you can see the snowy mountains in the back and then Fall Mountains in the front.
The View from my house

Penelope Our kitty
Isaiah's Birthday

I let Isaiah and Shaela frost the birthday cakes. Well you can see how that turned out. I let Isaiah cut his own piece too. He wanted the middle so there was a big circle cut out of the middle.

Our garden. Duanavan had fun digging carrots out

1st time at Temple Square

Horse Riding

The Boys Roping the cows

Isaiah loves digging in the dirt
Grandma gets to ride the horses too!

Shaela and I riding the horse

Shaela got stuck trying to climb through the fence so her big brothers came to her rescue

Shaela loves animals


Halloween Trade Market

Jake and Duanavan
My Three are on the bottom step

My Snow White Princess

Penelope enjoying Elijah's candy

Our first snow in Utah