Monday, June 16, 2008

Misc pictures of the kids

So I went in he boy's room to check on them before I went to bed and guess what I find in Duanavan's mouth, yep a sucker!!! That's a good way to rot your teeth!

Shaela loves her glasses. If I am wearing mine she wants hers too.

We came home from the pool one day and Shaela dumped some cereal on the floor, So she said" I clean it" and she grabbed the broom and started sweeping. She's such a good little helper.

Isaiah Put Shaela's bathing suit cover on and started dancing around, it was so funny.

Kandrick was washing the car and so Shaela and Isaiah had to wash their wagon too.

We were at the pool and Isaiah found this bug in the bathroom. He had to bring it out to show daddy.

Father's Day

For father's day we got Kandrick a new Laker's jersey and a Laker's hat, then we brought him balloons to work because he had to work at 12:00 that day. Isaiah let the balloons go right when we got home. So they lasted us less then 1 hour but at least the kids enjoyed bringing them to Kandrick.

Mudd time

So we had this big thunder/lightning/rain storm come through. I let the kids go out and play and of course they went straight for the mud puddles. Well after Shaela got all wet she started just taking all her clothes off. Well when she finally had everything off, she squatted and peed. I had to force her to put on a skirt after that. And Isaiah had so much fun just squishing his toes in this mud hole.


I made cookies with Shaela the other night and she put flour in the mixer when it was going very fast. Flour of course went every where and she thought it was so funny. And of course she had to have the best part, Cookie Dough!! She loves it.

Elijah's school market day

All the 3rd grade had this big market day where they where able to sell what ever they wanted. Elijah and his friend Devon decided to sell toys, cookies, candy, and icee's Well the Icee's where the most popular and luckily I had enough ice and syrup. He loved to though.