Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Field Trips

I love Homeschooling my kids. This is our first year and I am defiantly learning how to teach my kids and they are still learning how to learn from me. Every day is different and I still have so much to learn and get better at. But these are just a couple of Field trips we have gone on.
We just recently went to the African art museum and the Asian art museum. The boys couldn't understand why all the African art had Naked people on almost All of them. I tried explaining but I'm not sure if any of it got through to them.

This was our trip to Henricus. It is all about the life of the native Americans and some of the first settlers in Virginia.
Native American Hut
This is some of the kids in our Science and History Co-ops
Learning all about "Green Gold"
Learning all the different trades that the settlers had. And how they built their homes.
Army gear
Settlers Home
This is the way the native Americans crushed their dried corn
and carved out their canoes
Shaela just being cute

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Valerie said...

You inspire me to homeschool....but just for a moment. I am too selfish with my time.
Love all the pictures. Looks like they had fun!