Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some new Stuff for the house

Well when Cathrine moved she had A LOT of stuff she now longer had room for. So we greatly inherited it. This is my new room. I love my new comforter. The ugly orange flowered curtin's where my old ones. I hated them. I love my room now, the pink and green chair match perfectly and the picture too. There is also a gold and green framed mirror that I just have not hung up yet that matches everything. The carpet, and love sac are new and the round table is also new that Lisa gave us. This has made such a big difference. I love all of it


Valerie said...

OOOOHHHH, Love the room! And your living room actually looks like a room and not just furniture thrown in there. It is just so put together. I love the carpet too!

So I need that black dress you are wearing! LOVE it!! It looks so good on you! You are so skinny!!

Stacia said...

Hey! The kids all looked so cute in their Christmas pictures. And their jammies are adorable! Cute new house stuff too! We sure miss you guys! I was just thinking about you today!

Alee and Brandon said...

That stuff is awesome!!! We need a table and chairs desperately!!!

About the quiet books...hopefully this doesn't get too long. If you want, you can send me your email :). The mini quiet book (the little ABC book at the end of my post) I made with digtal scrapbooking supplies with the church website pics. It's the one we're making for Enrichment. I printed pages out on 4x6 photo's @ Costco because they're so cheap (cheaper than my printer). It takes 14 photos. Then I went to Walmart and bought the Vertical Badge ID Holders (they're in the office section for name badges). They open from the top, are 2.55x3.35. They come in a pack of 12. So you need a little over 1 pack to make the book. So I cut out my mini pages out of the 4x6's (there were 2/4x6), and stuck them in the holders and tied them together with a ribbon. I think I figure they take about $5 to make, which is awesome!

The second quiet book I made digitally also with my digiscrap stuff. I had all my pages printed on 8x10's, them laminated the pages and the pieces and stuck them all in a binder. That was a bit more money and TIME :). If you are thinking of making one like that, shoot me an email :).

Actually, this probably doesn't make sense and you'll have to email anyway! Sorry, it's late and I've been playing Dance Revolution for over 2 hours trying to pass this DUMB LEVEL! Drives me CRAZY that I can't do it!!!!

Anyway, glad you're doing well! I love your header picture! You look great!

Crystal said...

HEY RENEE!! wow, it's been a long time since i've been on here. how have you been?? your kids are FREAKIN' SO CUTE!!!!! everytime i see shaela it makes me smile. she reminds me so much of jesi,..everything she's doing. anyway, LOVE the new decor. HOW FUN! wish we had money to get some new stuff. oh well, maybe someday. being poor sucks! LOL.