Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day

Laker's VS. Celtics

Snow White and her Beautiful smile

Shaela learning from Aunt Cathrine how to hold a smile for the camera

Sleeping Snow White waiting for her Prince!

Christmas day was filled with family, love, putting things together, playing, laughter, basketball (LAKER'S WON!!), SLEEP, and Good bye's. Cathrine and Miguel have now both moved from Virginia. We are so sad. Shaela and Cthrine have such a connection. Cathrine taught her "The Smile" Cathrine and Miguel have the same smile in every picture they are in, and they can hold it forever! Well all I have to say now to Shaela is " Show Teeth" and Shaela smiles Beautifully. I swear Cathrine and Shaela have the same smile. Shaela got the Snow White dress for Christmas and she loves it. She calls her Snow Wipe. The boys love wrestling with Kandrick. They never win but they love it anyways!

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