Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Kandrick had to work for Christmas Eve, but we let the kids open their Christmas Eve gifts (always the same thing: PJ's and a homemade pillow case) before he had to work. This year I did not make them PJ pants because Grandma Anita bought them the cutest matching PJ's. I made them blankets too. I was so happy that they liked them. After Kandrick went to work the rest of us went to Lisa's house for a great dinner, and more gift giving. One of Lisa's traditions is to make this dip that my whole family loves. This is the first thing Isaiah goes for when we get there. He LOVES it! Shaela loved her purse that Aunt Cathrine and Uncle Miguel gave her. It was filled with cute little wood things like lipstick and a cell phone and a cute little soft dog. She had to put the lipstick on everyone, even Mazi, Cathrine's dog. She even put the purse on her shoulder like mommy,way cute. She also got a cute Little Einstein Rocket that Isaiah and Shaela both love. Everyone loved the gifts they were given. Kandrick & I was also given a wonderful gift, A very nice vacuum. My carpet looks 10 times better now. Thank you Lisa and Steve! We all had a lot of fun. Shaela also became obsessed with Mazi, I went down stairs and she was putting a gift on the floor in front of Mazi. Then she would talk to her and then pet her, and show her the dog that Aunt Cathrine gave here. Did I mention that Mazi is blind?!? Then we came home and Elijah and Duanavan arranged some of the gifts under the tree, laid out cookies and milk and we tracked Santa on the Internet and Realized He was in NY and that they had better go to bed before he passed them. All around it was a great day.

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Valerie said...

Love the jammies! Too cute. and the story about the blind dog is too funny. Shaela is so funny!