Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playing with my new Camera

Elijah was in trouble and this is the way I found him. When I woke him up, the first thing he said was " I wasn't sleeping" He's so funny!
Shaela loves when he reads to her
Shaela got these new PJ's for Christmas, when I put them on her she lifted the "cape" and said "I'm Superman" Can you tell she has 3 brother's?
Duanavan loves Clothes. He loves to look good. The sweater was a little big but he didn't care.
Shaela loves dresses, This one kept showing her big booty in church.
I finally took the little ones to the park. It has been in the 50's lately, they were very happy.
Isaiah kept running into her new bike with his bike and every time he did, Shaela would have to "fix" her bike.
Shaela got nail polish from Santa, so when I asked her what color she wanted she said all of them. So this was the end result.

Isaiah carries a back pack around everywhere he goes that has some toys in it. Well he left it at a friends house so he didn't have it on Christmas day. So he put all of his new toys in a plastic tote, and pushed or carried it EVERYWHERE he went. Upstairs and then back down, down the hall, in the kitchen, anywhere he went. Then he found my basket and put his favorites in it, and Carried that around. That went on for two days, then we found the back pack. Thank Goodness, the basket was too big!
Putting on her lipstick!
Shaela riding her new bike and "Showing Teeth!"


Valerie said...

Congrats on the camera! Now get it off automatic!! You will see a huge difference in your pictures! It looks like you are having fun with it. I love the picture of Elijah in the bathroom. Nolan always tells me he isn't sleeping too! Too funny.

Valerie said...

Oh and by the way, tell Duanavan that he looks pretty sweeeeet! He always does!

Emily said...

Oh my Gosh your kids are so big and so beautiful! I did get your message, in my email, but I couldn't respond to it, so email me at emily.trussell@gmail.com and I'll give you Ali's phone number. I hope you guys are doing well, we miss you, you'll have to come visit sometime.

Kaylynn said...

New camera...how fun!!! What did you get? Sounds like you barely got it out of the box before you started pushing the shutter button. That-a-girl. =)