Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let it Snow

The weather said cloudy, then all of a sudden Big snow flakes came pouring down. It was coming down so fast and such big flakes and it was very dark in the sky. We drove to the store really quick and when we came out, The sun was out and it quit snowing. We were in the store about 20 minutes. It only snowed for about 40 minutes. The weather is so weird out here. But Isaiah wanted to play in it before it melted so him and I went out and played for a little while. He loves the snow!


Alee and Brandon said...

Oh my gosh! This picture looks like it comes from a magazine! It's so cute!

Crystal said...

ok, what what kind of camera do you have?? that photo is PERFECT! i second alee,...it looks like it's from a magazine. what a cutie! and i totally love the pics below of donovan and his toothe. those pics of him with his bros are darling! love them all!!

renee - i am so glad to see that you have really started blogging now. it's so fun and i think you'll become addicted like the rest of us. can't wait to see more!

Pamela said...

yay! I'm so glad you have a blog - now I can follow your family and see the kids as they grow.

you are missed, Renee!

Lutz Family said...

I love this pic... and that lodge ROCKS! I sure miss you, girl! I am flying out to Cincinnati next Thursday to interview. We already have an eye on a house out there. Things should be moving fairly quickly now... I bet I will see you somewhere out East by summer!!! Take Care! The kids are beautiful!