Friday, January 18, 2008

The Great Wolf Lodge

So for a Christmas gift from Catherine, Miguel, Lisa and Steve, We got a 2 night stay at The Great Wolf Lodge. It was a blast! It snowed our first morning there, nothing stuck but it was coming down big and fast. The boy's favorite part was the indoor water park. They have this big bucket of water on the top of this big tree house that dumps a whole bunch of water down to the bottom. The boys would lay on the ground and let it dump right on them. It also has this huge water slide that 4 people can ride on. That was one of my favorite ones. We spent most of the time at the water park. But you can also buy these wands that open magic treasure boxes and things like that all around the lodge, so we did that too. We played games at night and drank hot chocolate and just had so much fun.


Alee and Brandon said...

This looks so fun! Our family needs to do something fun together like that!

Alee and Brandon said...

Hey again!

To answer your question, I scrapbook at night when the kids are in bed...I digiscrap I just get on the computer and whoop something out in a few minutes or so depending on how picky I'm being! I love it because it's free (until I print my photobook) and NOT messy! Last thing I need is ANOTHER mess!