Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Storm

Two things Isaiah loves about the Snow: Icicles, and building a snowman!

Oh and Sledding

I love the look on Duanavan's face, He's so happy he's beating Elijah.

Sledding like a Pro!
Isaiah found a worm in the water and had to save it. But I'm not sure if it lived or not because after he pulled it out of the water he smooched it into the snow. I'm not sure what happen to it.

My little snow angels! Yea right!

Duanavan and his missing two front teeth!

I can't believe how much snow we got.

He finally gets his Snow man and all he wanted to do with it was chop it up with his plastic knife. The two other boys did not like that'

Enjoying Daddy


Pingela said...

We have had an unusal amount of snow here in Washington this year, it has been actually nice to watch the kids play in it. I don't like it all the time but spurts of it like we have had has been fun. It looks like everyone there was enjoying the snow as well.

Valerie said...

Wow you got a lot of snow! I am glad you all got to enjoy it! I wish our snow would stick around alittle longer than it does. It seems to be replaced by rain and slush. Not too fun to play in.

Did you get a new car??