Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Duanavan's 1st year wrestling

Shaela waiting 3-4 hours while her brother wrestles

Duanavan does really good at his tournaments. He loves wrestling, but can't wait for football to start again. Wrestling is such an intense sport. I have never had such an emotional rollercoaster like I do at wrestling tournaments. You see boys cring all the time because they lose. But they feel such accomplishment when they win. It's crazy but I LOVE going to wrestling meets.


Pingela said...

We have two boys that have done wrestling and I agree that it is interesting to watch the boys and the emotional rollercoaster it sends them on. In wrestling I guess it is Ok for the guys to breakdown like that they really don't tease each other or anything like they would otherwise, in wrestling it is accepted. But I also see moms stressed out and sometimes crying as they watch thier kids and dads that go crazy watching there boys it is an intersting sport that is for sure! I have gotten to really enjoy the sport myself. That is cool that your son did so well during his first season.

Valerie said...

I LOVE to watch wrestling as well. Nolan did it a couple years ago but he is way too emotional for it. He did get one pin though! I think I was way too emotional then. I jumped up and down and started crying! It was a great accomplishment for him!! I was really proud of him. he stuck with it and won!! It was a hard match.
I think we love it so much because Roy did it. I enjoyed it back then too!