Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is for you Mom

Yep, That's flour! I had a big tub of flour (lucky for the boys it was not full just about 1/4 full) that Duanavan had accidently tipped it over. Well Isaiah thought it would be funny to throw a little in Duanavan's face. Well Duanavan couldn't let him get away with that , and then of course Elijah had to get in the mix and poor Shaela was just the innocent bystander who got it too! So I call my mom because I was not very happy and I was not going to yell, So she says, JOIN THEM! Then when you are done tell them not to do it agian with out asking. What's done is done you can't get the flour back. Thanks mom I got through it with out yelling. But I did make them clean it up and pay me for the flour.

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Crystal said...

wow! you are a such a good mom. that was a CRAZY mess!!