Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shaela again!!!

Shaela got a sling for her birthday last year. She is really starting to like it. She brings it to me and says please, then hands me a baby or stuffed animal. She doesn't wear it for long but she's really getting into it. I love it. The other picture is just an outfit that I thought is really cute.


Crystal said...

where on earth did you find a sling so small? that's hilarious! i remember you toting isaiah around in a sling at church like that, and then shaela. time flies!

and that pic below of donavan is a CRACK-UP! love the face for the school picture. hahaha! and he look like the same kid in the other picture for sure!!

Alee and Brandon said...

How cute! Shelly Warner was thinking of getting our KangarooKorner sling and Gavin really wanted one of the kid ones! That's so funny. Too cute. Does she still ride in it?