Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Trip to Nauvoo

lots of bubbles all the time!

Mark and Natalie

We learned so much about Joseph and all the pioneers


Natalie and I wanted a lilly, so she went out in the water to get us one.

Joseph,Hyrum,and Emma Smith's Grave

I bought this bonnet for Shaela, So when we were in the Red Brick house where they held the first Relief Society meeting, Natalie started posing for me. It was so funny

Nauvoo Temple

Hanging out with Natalie and Mark is exactly what I needed. I think I laughed more with them then I had in a long time

The stairs were so steep in all the houses

We learned all about making bricks

This is the room that Joseph Smith was last in

Natalie and I


ctrcart said...

I am so jealous! glad you got to go. I guess I didn't realize Mark went too - cool.

Kaylynn said...

Hmmm, yup, that's my sister all right. Hard to get a "normal" picture of that girl. Always a poser. =) Looks like you guys had a ball. Wish we had had more time when my mom and I visited. We would have loved to take that tour.

Valerie said...

I love the covered wagon picture! So funny!! I miss both of you!