Monday, April 6, 2009

fun with the kids

Fruit drink mustaches

Duanavan looking at the friend Magazine. He doesn't look happy but he was

Elijah and Duanavan sewed some bunnies for Easter. This was Duanavan's and Elijah has not finished his yet.

Elijah wanted to make Homemade cinnamon rolls this morning. He did most of the work, and they were so yummy!

Park time

I just thought this was so Beautiful

The park still had some flooded spots, and of course it attracted my boys!

Shaela found a bug

He loved sliding down the slide into the puddle

The boys found a puddle with toad eggs in it. They had to bring them home.


We have a trail around our house and the kids loved jumping over each other
Duanavan made Homemade corn dogs with Kandrick. Oh my gosh they were good. Duanavan even said they were better then the kind you buy.

Isaiah cut his foot but wouldn't let me do much with it, so I put a band aide on it and a couple days later the came to me and said "mom, this toe is clean and this toe is dirty" I looked at it and his whole nail was ripped off, along with the skin. Nasty!

I love Duanavan"s face expression on this one. He feels so cool he just jumped over Elijah

Making corn dogs

more mud
Helping Shaela back over to the Non Muddy side. What a good big brother.

Isaiah and Shaela found a snake in the BB court and so now we have a pet snake. The kids love watching him eat the worms.

This is when we first found the snake.


The Parent Family Homeschool said...

Yep you are a homeschool mama!!! frog eggs,snakes and critters of all kinds.... now go get books on them and do a unit study. Your kids will know more about frog and snakes than you really want to know, but that's the fun and joy of HS... They look like they are having fun and they are getting so big......

Valerie said...

Okay, let's see if I can remember all the different pictures on this long post! Tell Elijah he will have to make me some cinnamon rolls when I get there. They look fabulous! Tell Daunavan that I want a corn dog too! they look yummy! I also loved his bunny! too cute. I love your sky picture. It looks so blue! I miss the blue sky. The big puddle at the park looked so fun! I would have run through the puddle with them!! How did your toad eggs turn out? did they really kill them all? And the snake thing, uumm, never in my house! I love the picture with Shaela and the bug....I never saw the bug!! And last but not least, I love the bike jump. I wonder if Nolan is brave enough to lay down in it. B-man will be all over it!!
thanks for the update. I love to look at your pictures. they always make me laugh!!

Valerie said...

I knew I would forget something....Isaiash toe....EEWWWHHH gross!! Poor baby though! Man it looks like it hurt. This happened to Braedan too one time. It will grow back faster than you think it should! It's crazy.

Crystal said...

hi renee! how are you?! gosh, your family is really growing up! i can't believe how long shaela's hair is now. or yours for that matter!! you guys look GREAT! hope you had a wonderful easter. :)

Stacia said...

I love all of your pictures!!! I can't believe how much older Shaela looks!! And wow, a snake! You are an awesome Mom for letting them keep it! All the kids look so happy! You guys are all too cute!