Monday, June 16, 2008

Misc pictures of the kids

So I went in he boy's room to check on them before I went to bed and guess what I find in Duanavan's mouth, yep a sucker!!! That's a good way to rot your teeth!

Shaela loves her glasses. If I am wearing mine she wants hers too.

We came home from the pool one day and Shaela dumped some cereal on the floor, So she said" I clean it" and she grabbed the broom and started sweeping. She's such a good little helper.

Isaiah Put Shaela's bathing suit cover on and started dancing around, it was so funny.

Kandrick was washing the car and so Shaela and Isaiah had to wash their wagon too.

We were at the pool and Isaiah found this bug in the bathroom. He had to bring it out to show daddy.


Valerie said...

I love all your pictures. I wish we could be there with you for some summer time fun! We miss you tons. You are so good about keeping your blog up. I think everyone is except for me! I need to get better!

Pingela said...

Fun pictures of just everyday things they are often times my most favorite pics. I blew the picture up of the bug and YUCK, it looks like the bug is being held by some long tail end. What kind of bug is it. I thought that the wagon washing was too cute. The fall asleep with the sucker in the mouth is one we have as well. I swear by the time you give them a sucker they are almost too tired to suck on it or maybe it is just the sucking on the sucker that calms those busy bodies down long enough for them to realize how tired they really are. ;)