Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shaela gets her first hair cut!!!!

So I was out on the porch when Shaela came out side with me. She had a piece of string in her hair so I grabbed it out and along came a handful of hair with it. So I calmed down and then asked Isaiah if he cut her hair. He said no Shaela did it. Well after I thought about it for a minute and realized that in the spot that it was cut would be pretty hard for her to cut herself, I asked him again he told me again that Shaela did it. Well I asked him again and he finally told me "Mom, Shaela kept turning off the TV!" Man right when her hair finally starts to grow!!!!


Kaylynn said...

Well, the good news is her hair is in a growth spurt from the sounds of things and should grow right back (not to mention it was in the back and you won't notice it as long as you are always looking at her from the front). :)

Sorry, I know that stinks. Funny thing is Brooklyn did the same thing to herslef this very week, only she actually did a really good job. Her bangs were getting long and I had been neglecting them for a while now, so she snipped her bangs about an inch right in the middle and stright across. I usually cut them an inch so the next day when I evened them all out if was perfect. But I still told her she wasn't allowed to do that again.

Good thing it's just hair and you don't have to stress about it long cause it will always grow back.

Crystal & Mitch said...

EEEEEEK! did you freak out when you saw that? how funny. little stinkers. HA!