Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family time

My mom and sister (Valerie ) and her family are in town. We have been having alot of fun together. It is very Crazy with 5 adults, and 7 kids in my Town house but it is definantly fun and I know all the kids had a blast.

We have gone to the Air and space museum, Natural History Museum, Hershey Park, All the monuments in DC, The White house, Great wolf lodge, Lots and lots of Shopping for Valerie because in Germany there is no shopping . And we can't forget all the Wii time for the Kids.

So on to some explanatian for the pictures. Duanavan and Zoie made an experiment with some nastiness in the kitchen, it smelled really bad and had lots of clumps in it. So Valerie said she would pay anyone $20 to take one bite. Of coarse Duanavan said sure I'll do it. Well he put it in his mouth gargled it, swished it around and then went to swallow it, it didn't go very far. He lost, but it was very funny. In the picture of Shaela, she was eating chips with grandma and then she started hiding behind the chips. She cracks me up.


Alee and Brandon said...

What fun!!! My grandma always used to let us kids make what we called *formulas*. We would take random things from the kitchen and mix it together and then see who would eat it...gross, but fun!

Valerie said...

EEEWWW! That "speirament" was nasty too. I can't believe he was able to keep it in his mouth as long as he did with out gagging. But man, it was funny when he finally tried to get it down. I should have given him something for his effort. OR at least for the great laugh. It was hilirous!

Kaylynn said...

Looks like some good family fun time and a great time for Grandma Judy. Would love to come back east again some day. It sure is pretty back there.