Monday, March 24, 2008

So Sad

I finally fix my blog issue and figure out how to fix all my stuff that I erased, and then my USB Port doesn't work now. So now I have to wait for Kandrick to fix it before I can post any Easter pictures, This Stinks!!!!!


Crystal said...

oh, that sucks. i HATE computer problems. hope you guys get it workin' soon! i can't wait to see some easter pics.

and we miss you in pringle ward too, renee. wish you guys were still here. are ya plannin' a visit?

Jen Sue Wild said...

I am so sorry .I hope you get it fixed soon.
I cant wait to see Easter pix of your cute family.

Stacia said...

That does stink. Sometimes technology can be so frustrating! I can't wait to see new pics though!