Saturday, December 15, 2007

Okay I'm going to attempt to start blogging. I'm not sure how to do all this so just bare with me.


Crystal said...

HEY YOU!!! i haven't checked your blog in months,...thinking that you'd given up on it. glad to see your back! howz life?? i was just thining about you the other day. mitch and i went out to the movies and saw that the golden compass was playing and i intantly thought of the email you sent out. thanks again for sending it! much appreciated. and hey,...don't be a stranger! i'd love to hear from you. i'm excited to see new pics on your blog and see how big your kids are getting. i'll keep checkin' back... :)


Crystal said...

hey again! i just had to say that i LOVE this picture! your look fabulous!!! you skinny bean pole! :)


Crystal said...

helllo! what specifically are you wanting to do with you blog??

if you want to make your pics smaller than the pic at the bottom of you and kendrick, just add pictures to your posts...not your footer like you did. so whenever you write something (like your first and only post) before you click on "publish post" just click on the mountain image at the top of the bar and add a picture(s) from your computer. then it will come out normal size, and people can also comment on your pictures because it's a part of your post. does that make any sense?? sorry, it's kinda hard to explain like this, but i hope that helps.